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worry less. enjoy much more.

worry less. enjoy much more.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

The A to Z challenge

Summer is here already and I decided what a great time to launch a FREE challenge to my fellow Health coaches.

I loved Blogging a few years ago, I made it my JOB to get posts done 4 times a week. This was when I was a teacher and mother, but once I gave up teaching to become a Wellness coach and entrepeneur well, I had little balance in finding time to update my blog with recipes, images, or content.

So that is changing August 1st I am inviting all the Health concious bloggers to join me in a Health coaching A to Z challenge. We will have Weekends off but we will work through the entire alphabet starting with August first and the letter A. So for example you might decide to talk about antioxidants for letter a, or a vegetable, or fruit you have never tried that you got at your local farmers market.

We will share the blog titles of the participanting blogs here, and I will showcase 2 blog posts a week on my facebook page.

You will need to go to two blogs of your choosing to follow throughout the challenge to write comments about their content.

I encourage you to write 2-3 sentences and to be specific and not just write:
 Great blog topic

This is a great way for us to commend one another, think of current content for ourselves and to commit to blogging.

If you are interested send me a email to and tgell me your are in.... YOU do not have to be a health coach- you can be any blog author that would like to participate.

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