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worry less. enjoy much more.

worry less. enjoy much more.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

How to make dinner in 3 easy steps.


When dinner time rolls around are you dreading the idea of it? Listening to your kids say what's for dinner? or your husband saying," We're having tacos again?" Then maybe you start showing up at Panera pick up  area or chili's pick up windows to bring dinner home. YOU know that isn't really healthy or affordable. SO what do you do?
You can figure it out by using 3 easy steps.

1. Find a blog, cookbook or program that aligns with your dietary needs or families favorites.

2. Sunday plan in the calendar meals that your family would enjoy from the program, blog or cookbook of your choice.( I have used plan to eat- google it for helping me plan a menu)
3. Go shopping before the week starts and be sure to have all the ingredients, thawed and ready for your lunch and dinner ahead of time, so prep time is shorter, and you can deliver a healthy, planned and delicious meal to your family.

Ok so now you feel motivated but you don't know any blogs, programs or cookbooks right now? Well, you could...

  Try the 28 day revitalize program( that I offer)

 You tired and hungry but didn't plan out dinner, nothing is defrosted and now everyone is ready to eat. You want deeply to feed your family a healthier meal than tacos, fast food and spaghetti and meatballs.

Well I can help with this. YOU can feel  the relief, just knowing you have dinner planned out.

Do you think a meal plan made for you with shopping lists and recipes would help? I have selected your meals for 28 days breakfast, lunch and dinner in a pdf ebook and all  you do is print,  shop and prepare it. You follow the calendar so you know exactly what you are eating for lunch and dinner without forgetting to take out or defrost meat.

Are you wanting to try gluten free  at meals but are afraid your family will miss traditional pasta and bread? Well, the 28 day program gives you lots of other options for bread and pasta, and even shares some kinds of pasta to try that isn't gluten such as brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta. IF you still want your gluten.. you can still have some of it.

I know when you make pasta or present a cooked meal, your not sure of the portions and you allow yourself or hubby to have seconds and then you might feel bloated afterwards asking yourself why did I have seconds? Well, part of my 28 Revitalize program comes with a handout entitled 101 of portions, which helps you figure out what is a portion.

Do you feel that you make the same boring vegetables all the time, broccoli and spinach and sometimes carrots and peas. Do you want to add more variety to your vegetable cooking? than the Revitalize program ( 28 day) is great because it gives you recipes to try that you may not have tried before, the ingredients won't break the bank and the meals don't take more than 15-20 minutes to prep. One of the handouts in the 28 day program is called 101 ways to cook vegetables.

Are you like some of my clients that say, " I would eat more vegetables for dinner and less meat, if I lived alone, but my husband loves meat and my kids HATE vegetables and I am too tired to make 2 meals or 3 every night? I bet you can agree with that.
The menus and recipes have been picky husband tested and kid tested, most kids were able to try and eat most of the meals in the program. The meatballs in the 28 day program were a huge hit, and the husbands loved the salmon burgers and the zucchini boats with a side of chicken breast.

And if dinner isn't your issue but breakfast is, let me tell you I have a smoothie recipe for 28 days.

So if you would like to check out what is included if you purchase the program head over to and go to the top of the page with the work with me tab and move our cursor to the 28 day revitalize program.

The $87  price is for the handouts and the recipes, shopping list and menus. It is not for the private support group page or the 4 sessions with me via the phone or skype.

The $167 price gets you all the handouts, all the recipes, shopping list and menus plus 4 sessions with me Pre, during and post to keep you on track and help answer any questions you might have about before, during or after the program.

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