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worry less. enjoy much more.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

IF I sign up for the Detox what is involved?

Today is Day 2 in the 21 days challenge to blog more. I am doing it with a group of women who are all wanting to post more often to their blogs.

Today I wanted to share with you a question I get asked maybe twice a day every day.
IF I sign up for the Detox what is really involved? what is it?

Many people hear the word DETOX or CLEANSE and they cover their ears, run for the hills or just plain tune you out.
They think it's a DIRTY word.
They think all your going to do is eat
lettuce and not be able to have anything tasty.
They think you are going to spend days in the bathroom.
It's an urban legend.
So let's break it down.
What is a detox?
First I like to share what it is NOT~

* It is NOT a program where you eat berries and nuts only- NO deprivation you can eat till your full

* It is NOT going to send you running into the bathroom if you know what  I mean.

* It is NOT  going to have you in the kitchen with difficult recipes making things that take 50 minutes to cook.

* It is NOT for people who HATE vegetables.

* It is NOT only about losing weight it's about the mind body connection and learning how to create new habits.

So now you know what it is NOT, let's get down to what it is-

The Detox is set up so you have lots of Support the guide is written so you can follow it Step- by Step.

* It is a program that has 3 phases
1st phase is the Pre-detox where you begin to cut back on coffee, fast food, and processed food like Macaroni and cheese from a box etc.

2nd phase is the Detox- where the participant will be abstaining from any eggs, dairy, caffeine,  processed food and sometimes animal protein.
**They follow the recipe book, guideline book and suggested meals to create meals that are "allowed" .
IF they are doing a DIY ( do it yourself) detox they will get a discounted price and they will follow the booklets that they get emailed to them.
IF they are doing the FULL detox- they will be added to a private Facebook forum group and will be invited to a post detox session with the coach via phone or in person.

3rd phase in the Detox is to transition back foods that were on the avoid list.
They will slowly add back one food every 3 days that was on the avoid list during the detox.

What do I get when I purchase the detox?

** Food journal pages
** Shopping list
** Suggested meal plans
**For full detox participants  email support and private facebook forum
**Recipe book for of 60+ recipes

What will doing this detox do for my health?

Improve your digestion

Balance your hormones

Rev up your metabolism

Eat low glycemic meals

Work on de-stress techniques and self-care strategies

Work on your immune system

Lose weight

So know you have been informed and you know really what a detox can do for someones body. YOU might even feel like trying one yourself.

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