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worry less. enjoy much more.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

The moment I decided to ...

THAT MOMENT... June 2014

The moment I decided to work with female entrepreneurs, was the moment that I felt I had finally found the perfect client, to serve. 
I wanted to work with other business owners who were not afraid to look at their flaws, Women who  were tired of being in the perfection zone and wanted to move into digging deep, getting dirty... being messy and then find a calm.
Health and wellness coaches are my favorite group of people to work with. Because I GET THEM. I can identify with most of their struggles. Why? because I am a health coach.

I have struggles too:
Using mail chimp, getting newsletters done, writing new programs, marketing and staying balanced with my own life. Finding new clients, keeping clients, finding workshop venues, finding retreat spots... the list goes on...

Many Health and wellness coaches are also mother's and they need to keep their own wellness in check. 

Last year I let myself go, I was working with 13 clients and they were getting results with their primary food (career, spiritualism, creativity, home environment, relationships, physical activity, finances, health and education.) We were working on crowding out foods that didn't serve them and adding in more greens, smoothies and less gluten. They saw results and so did I.

I sat in front of the computer, checking emails, marketing, reading theories on digestion, detox, and thyroid issues. I took online classes for my MBA and I worked hard on learning all I could about marketing. I cleaned my house, took care of my family, ran errands, cooked meals and left NO time for my exercise unless it was a few times around my neighborhood with my dog. I ate portions that were too big for me, ( not really realizing it) because I was not mindfully eating. I was eating in front of the computer, while working. All the things I tell my clients NOT to do.

I realized that I struggled with balance. I was trying to be a perfectionist. Perfect mom, perfect meals, perfect house, perfect coaching welcome pack, Perfect planned meetings, lectures and clean eating groups. ALL of this left little time for me to do self-care, whether that means visit with friends,  do yoga class for myself or take an Epson salt bath.

I had to invest money and time into slowing down, and letting go of my perfectionism. I had to take on less clients, and take time to dig deep.

For me digging deep meant hiring a few different health coaches as my coach. I needed to really get in touch with my feelings and do some healing before I could heal others.

Elena Lipson- Became my self-help mentor

Laura Madden- Became my visibility coach/style coach

Whitney Harris- Kept me working in my journal, to deal with fear, limiting beliefs and my issues around money.

Kate Northrup- Continued helping me dig deep into my money stories, and what you do with your money even when you get it, matters.

Brene Brown- Worked with a group of women doing the Gifts of imperfection course. Which is a journal based art class, to look at vulnerability, fear, perfectionism, and play.

I wove all my experiences, healing and fun into a terrific series of ecourses that I offer my  female health conscience entrepreneurs.

When I get to work with these gifted health and wellness coaches I feel like I get them to feel more like their authentic selves, not the self- their parents wanted, or their husband  wants or their children want or even who they think a health coach should be, but WHO THEY REALLY ARE. Who they WANT TO BE.

I welcome the opportunity to work with any one who is ready to find and be their authentic self.

WOMEN ready to bloom get ready for the launch this October. Perfection free ORCHARD

I give you permission to smell the peaches.
or dance in the orchard... whatever your authentic self would a peach orchard... ( or a perfection free orchard)

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  1. Congratulations on making it to the other side! I've so been there too. Learning this lesson is critical so sustainable success as an entrepreneur. And I love that photo of the peach evocative.