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worry less. enjoy much more.

worry less. enjoy much more.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


As a wellness coach and clarity coach, people often ask me what I recommend... to help with balance, stress and to make my days easier.

This is my TOP ten things I can't live without right now:

1. My gluten free- paraben free lipstick

2.Meal planning  
I can't go without menu planning ever... even if we decide not to eat at home one night, I have to cook on Sunday's and prep meals for the week. I use 
It is a terrific service, there are lots out there but this is one of my favorites. I have also done freezer parties with WildTree, and having 10 finished meals waiting in my freezer is very appealing to me.
Another fun website for meal planning is Once a month meals

3. Email decluttering- cleaning- what I mean by this is a way to unsubscribe to things I might have been interested in a few months, or a year ago, but I am NOT interested now, and they are cluttering my email. So I use unroll me. ( it is so fast and easy and it rolls them up into one awesome daily email so I can read them there, or save them in a folder to read later. BEST thing I have ever done to feel like I de cluttered my computer.

4. Magnesium Salve
I have never had trouble sleeping, but I have trouble having restful sleep or not waking a lot. So a fellow friend who is a Health Coach makes Magnesium salve and she sent me some samples, it worked I had a well rested sleep and felt like I didn't wake up as much or at all. Her name is Beth Anne Kelleher and she has an Etsy store called Healthy balance Beth.

5.  a book -
You know I can't live without a current book I am following or reading and right now it is The Joy Diet.
By Martha Beck.
She also has a free download of worksheets to follow on her web page.

6. DoTERRA oils

In my quest to heal my gut, I stopped using OTC medicine. So I began to purchase oils. I use Oregano oil for sore throats. I use peppermint oil for headaches. I use oils for stomachaches, bug bites, ear infections and more.
My son has ADHD and I was diagnosed with adult ADHD a number of years ago. I have started using Frankincense with him, and I have seen a difference in how he acts. If you want to order something or just look around you can go to

7. Coconut oil-
I use it to cook with, to make my bullet proof coffee and to take off my makeup.
Nutiva is my favorite, but sometimes I buy other kinds.

8. Happy Herbivore-
 Meal planning I pay for from time to time.

9. Kris Carr's newsletters and smoothie recipes

and drum roll please... the number 10 thing I can not live without.... right now....

10. The Farmers Market
I love going and finding new things I have never tried, herbs, lettuce and anything new.

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