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worry less. enjoy much more.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

letter D for Doubt

I want to tell you a story:

A story about me and my business.

This is a story about a client and I.

A story that I thought would leave me derailed, feeling worthless and devalued- 

I had graduated from IIN ( the largest nutrition school) when I started doing many  more consultations ( health histories) and I was starting to get a nice client base, and building my email list. 
I met a women who was a Pilate's trainer, she came to one of my lectures. After the lecture she asked for my business card. For a number of months she followed me on my facebook fan page and commented and wrote me often.

Finally, the day came when she met me for a consultation. ( on a side note- "While I was at IIN I was Vegan and lost 35 lbs, While I was working on my business, I wanted to save money and so I did not hire a team I began doing everything myself. I spend more and more time in front of the computer, learning SEO , marketing, website codes and more. I let my food and my exercise slide")

Have you ever seen a coach of a football team, a basketball team or something physical and they don't look very fit? Well, I was that coach. I was not a fitness trainer or a fitness coach. I was just a coach. 

We sat down and had a great chat, I did the health history and she was really digging deep giving me good answers. I felt a connection.

NOW, it came to the part where I have to "close the deal" I had done it many times before so I wasn't nervous. If she chose not to work with me, it wasn't going to be a personal knock to my self-esteem, I had done a lot of personal growth over the year, and I know if she chose not to work with me~ I would be fine- I would get right back on that surf board and keep riding the wave.

She leaned over and said," LisaRenee I think you have this passionate charisma that I love, and I know you know a lot about health and clean eating, but I don't think I can work with you as a client, as your body type, the size you are -isn't fit in my eyes- and I wouldn't be able to be inspired by you. "

You could hear a pin drop.

Did I cry? NO- Did I want to cry? honestly no NOT THIS TIME... she did not rock me to my core with these comments. They were hard to hear as I was 190 at the time- but they motivated me to get back to taking care of me.

Why wasn't I angry or sad by this shocking comment?

Because she was HONEST
and it showed me she wasn't my ideal client.

We wouldn't have been a good match.

She might have wasted my time, at each session by not really connecting with me, and not doing her action steps or meeting her goals.

IF she hadn't been honest with herself and her feelings, she may have signed up with me, and then if she didn't get the results, she would spread negative feedback- 

So don't let doubt get in your way- If a client sits with you in a consultation and says, no thank you. 

Don't doubt what you worked so hard to do.
Don't give up your dreams and go grab the want ads.
Don't  doubt your self-worth.
Don't let doubt paralyze you.

They were NOT your ideal client or they would have opened up their wallet~ and paid you.

Take some time to write down today- 
what is your ideal client?
Where do they hang out?
What do they do for fun?
What movies do they like?
What blogs or websites or magazines do they read?


  1. I know I need to do this! Great article.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story it is very inspiring.

  3. Great story, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post! Thank you for the reminders.