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worry less. enjoy much more.

worry less. enjoy much more.
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Monday, August 4, 2014

THE beginning

So Let's start at the beginning

I was a Pre-K teacher for 14 years.
I started down a wellness path( to heal my auto-immune disease)
a school...
The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I completed the school, graduated...and.... I spend 2 years working with clients. Busy moms who wanted to stress less and live more.

I enjoyed helping moms find a balance. I facilitated and helped women with Fibromyalgia, lupus and other auto- immune diseases, change their diets.

I loved guiding clients in seasonal detoxes to find out hidden food sensitivities, and food intolerance.

But I have been working with health coaches and women entrepreneurs, and have really enjoyed it.
I have found the tools that help
me get clear on my target market, get crystal clear on what I do and what I offer.
So I find myself at the Beginning again.

As I transition from working with busy working moms to working with entrepreneurs.
It's been exciting.

We have a connection.
I understand their struggle.
I help them identify action steps
I provide accountability to create change.
So if your also at a place of new 
and want to have a complimentary session with me, email me at

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